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2 jornadas

Jueves 07/09 y viernes 08/09

De 10 a 17 hs.

Docente: Laeticia Mello

This intensive course is aimed at students seeking to experience the art scene and to learn about world of contemporary art, the art market, the role of the art curator, artist and collector.

The course seeks to develop visual and critical abilities in relation to contemporary art practice, to foster reflectivity and independent research potential, and to assist students in the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are appropriate to the art world.

This course is addressed to students with a view to working in the field of curating, galleries, museums or to pursuing further study of the subject of contemporary art scene at a University level.




Lesson I

Artist portfolio

- Creating a CV and professional biography

- Definition and characteristics of the portfolio

- Contents, design, different formats and presentation

- Creating an artist statement

- Description of the creative process and concept of work


Lesson II

The Art Market

- Functioning of the art market, rules and protagonists.

- Primary, secondary and market of knowledge. Technical glossary. Symbolic value and market value.

- Structure and operation of museums, foundations, private collections, galleries, art fairs and auction


- Description of the different market segments

Lesson III

Curating a show

- Introduction: Brief genealogy of the curator role and its relationship with the different members of the

art world

- Organization and management of temporary exhibitions

Exhibition set up

- Communication and dissemination of temporary exhibitions

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